Why Hire The Smoking Carrot Food Truck?

Food trucks are an efficient and convenient way of catering events of all sizes in Austin. Food trucks are perfectly suited for Austin’s warm weather, and people tend to be more comfortable when a food truck is around! The Smoking Carrots offers high-quality food truck catering for any events around Austin, TX. Here are reasons why you should hire The Smoking Carrot food truck for your next event!


Our catering food truck is affordable while still providing you high-quality services. Per guest, the expense of hiring our food truck catering services is among your most affordable options! If you are not planning on paying for the guests’ food, we have the ability to function as a vendor and sell directly to your guests. This makes you save more, and the guest will still get to enjoy great food!

Less Energy and Work

For any social gathering, the responsibility of providing food can be labor-intensive, as many hours are spent shopping, setting up, preparing food, and cleaning up after the gathering. Hiring a food truck eliminates all of this hassle! The Smoking Carrot will plan ahead based on your needs, and all the other work will be done without you having to do anything! Say goodbye to leftovers and dirty dishes.

They Are Flexible

Food trucks will go anywhere you want them to go, as they are mobile by nature! This kind of flexibility gives you room to choose any location you wish to in the Austin area, be it at a church event, private party, or corporate business campus.

They Draw Crowds

There’s a specific appeal to food trucks that tends to draw people in. People enjoy eating from food trucks so much that food truck rallies and festivals are held throughout the country all the time! It should go without saying, then, that more people will attend your event if you mention you will have a food truck — especially one as unique and delicious as The Smoking Carrot!

A food truck is an efficient way of catering for any event. You stand to save more when you hire services from The Smoking Carrot. We offer tasty, healthy takeout food in Austin, TX, so that you can treat your guests to delicious food at affordable prices. Contact us today to plan your catering event!