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For a long time, smoked vegetables and meat have been considered culinary staples for their intense, delicious flavor. The Smoking Carrot provides healthy take-out options in Austin, TX. Foods low in oil, salt, and that are gluten-free are served...

Head Chef Matthew Gravilla in front of our food truck

When you’re planning an event, whether it’s for your business, your church, a family gathering, a wedding, or an old-fashioned hootenanny, finding the right catering service that provides delicious food to your guests can be stressful. Thankfully, The Smoking Carrot in Austin is here to provide...

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When it comes to food in Austin, you either have to go big or go home. When Chef Matthew Gravilla started The Smoking Carrot, he knew just any old food truck wasn’t going to cut it in this town. His answer to this problem was to create a delicious menu of food blending the big flavors you expect...


Food trucks are an efficient and convenient way of catering events of all sizes in Austin. Food trucks are perfectly suited for Austin’s warm weather, and people tend to be more comfortable when a food truck is around! The Smoking Carrots offers...

What Sets The Smoking Carrot Apart?

The Smoking Carrots prepares healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and flavor. Our foods are low in oil, salt, and many are gluten-free. We are dedicated to providing everyone with healthy and tasty foods in Austin, TX. Here are some things about The Smoking Carrot that sets us apart from the...